VIP écoles are designed to providing the best experience to your child as we nurture a positive learning environment embracing high levels of learning

VIP écoles bring together 3 departments to offer you and your child the education and support needed in order to succeed whether in person or online.

Visionary International Preschool (VIPreschool) for ages 3 - 5 to get solid skills foundation.

Visionary International Paraschool (VIParaschool) : because we want to make sure your child receives the support he or she needs. We offer tutoring classes, reading and handwriting cursive workshops for K - 5th grades.

Visionary International Postschool (VIPostschool) for Parents who want to help their children enrolled in immersion program or for those who want simply to improve their French language or learn French...

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I'm Passionate About Teaching our pre and schoolers !

Hi! I'm Miss Viviane, a native French certified K-8 World Languages Teacher. I have a Master degree in French as a second language. I have been teaching during these past 20+ years for the French Ministry of Education (France) and in the USA. To face this challenging world, I respond to a call to teach academics contents on a bible-based approach. So, the young generation can develop their potential while they thrive in the knowledge of God, the creator. I speak French, English, Créole and Spanish at different levels.

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